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le 20/10/2022 à 21:17

Sharia law operates alongside civil law in the mostly Muslim north of Nigeria

An Islamic court in northern Nigeria has ordered police to arrest and investigate 10 local celebrities
for "immoral conduct" on social media that could influence youth, a judicial official told AFP

The court issued the order on Tuesday last week after lawyers filed a lawsuit, calling for their prosecution for singing and dancing to "immoral" songs and sharing them
online, Baba-Jibo Ibrahim, a judicial spokesman said.

The accused celebrities, four men and six women,
include a popular hip-hop singer, a famous film actress and eight TikTok influencers
with huge followings.

The order highlights strict measures often employed by authorities in Nigeria's Muslim-majority north to regulate social media content and force users to conform to
tradition and religious norms.

Sharia law operates alongside criminal and civil law in Nigeria's 12 Muslim-majority northern states.

"The Upper Sharia court gave an order to the police commissioner to arrest the 10 suspects and carry out an investigation on the roles they played in displaying immoral conduct," Ibrahim said.

Hip-hop singer Ado Gwanja is accused of releasing a song titled "A Sosa",
meaning "Scratch your body" in Hausa language to which the other celebrities
danced in videos online.

The song and the videos generated furore in Kano, the country's second-largest city,
le 16/10/2022 à 21:04

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Airbus sends the giant pieces that make up its A380--the largest passenger plane in the world--on a
convoy that passes through the tiny French village of Levignac.

CNET got a chance to see the spectacle up close as part of Road Trip 2011.

Daniel Terdiman/CNET

LEVIGNAC, France--I'm looking up toward the sky at two things you wouldn't expect to be
right next to each other. One is the "boulangerie" sign outside the bakery in this tiny French village.
The other is the "Airbus A380" logo emblazoned on the protective cover on one end of
a segment of giant airplane fuselage.

Why would two such things be next to each other? Because late Friday night, a truck convoy carrying all the major components of the next A380 that Airbus will build--the world's largest passenger
plane, a full double-decker giant--passed through this hamlet near Toulouse, France, often literally within inches of
some of Levignac's buildings.

Escort Tübingen Germany,,
le 14/10/2022 à 18:14

EM stocks eye fourth straight weekly decline


Moody's set to review Hungary rating on Friday


Sri Lanka to unveil debt restructuring plan to creditors


Egypt holds interest rates in surprise move

By Amruta Khandekar and Anisha Sircar

Sept 23 (Reuters) - Most emerging market currencies were subdued against a
sturdy dollar on Friday as investors digested hawkish signals from the U.S.

Federal Reserve, while stocks hit a more than two-year low on jitters around a global economic slowdown.

MSCI's index of EM (emerging market) stocks was down 1% and headed for its fourth straight weekly decline,
in a week dominated by central bank policy moves including a super-sized
75 basis point interest rate hike by the Fed.

The index has declined 26% so far this year, as aggressive policy tightening,
geopolitical tensions and growing recession concerns push investors towards safer assets such as the


EM equities saw outflows of $2.5 billion this week, compared with $1.7 billion last week, while bond outflows reached $2.6 billion from $1.5
billion last week, weekly data from JPMorgan citing EPFR Global showed.

"Everything is negative for EMs these days... In Europe, the question of a recession is on the table, and the geopolitical situation is not improving - everything is pointing to negative sentiment,"
said ING strategist Frantisek Taborsky.

Among EM currencies, South Africa's rand was down 0.9%,
le 08/10/2022 à 01:31

Male escorts have given some shocking insights into their work in the sex industry in an eye-opening online

Men from around the world took to US-based anonymous confessions app Whisper to reveal what it is really like to be an escort. 

One man explained how he was once shot at when his clients
husband came home early, while another revealed he slept with
his former partner's mother while at work.  

However others admitted it's not all about sex as many woman just want to feel 'loved and wanted'.

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the most revealing confessions... 

Men from around the world took to US-based anonymous confessions app Whisper to reveal
what it is really like to be an escort, including one man, from California, who admitted he was shot at when his
client's husband came home early





Grandma, 62, and her 25-year-old toyboy husband defy
their... Where it all began! As Courteney Cox recreates
a tampon... Move over John! As Travolta's 22-year-old daughter Ella...
King Charles' goddaughter India Hicks shares a video showing...

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A man, from Arizona, revealed after spending two years
as an escort he realised 'women just want to feel appreciated'

One student, from Leicester, admitted he decided to become an escort because the 'amazing pay' helps him through universit
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